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Eclipse® is designed and managed by the risk management firm Concentric Advisors®, that provides security services and intelligence solutions to keep people safe worldwide. As the largest and most influential independent security firm on the west coast of the United States for over a decade, Concentric has been trusted by some of the world’s most prominent individuals and corporations to keep their principals, employees, and assets protected.

Cast a long shadow over digital threats

In the age of surveillance capitalism we believe privacy is paramount.

Data has surpassed all other commodities in terms of value, and a strong correlation has emerged between the size of someone’s digital footprint and their likelihood of being targeted for both physical and cyber attacks. To answer the challenge, we have significantly expanded our digital privacy service, already renowned for its success in discovering and deleting thousands of instances of sensitive personal information from online data aggregators and brokerages.


Concentric has an experienced, in-house team of security and intelligence professionals who work with the best international security resources to provide unrivaled global coverage. Our diverse history of leadership in national security, law enforcement, military special operations, academia, Fortune 500 corporations, and global non-profits allows us to collaborate and solve complex challenges with innovative solutions.

Casey Allen

Chief Information Officer

Ruth Jun-Stern

Program Manager, Cyber Engagements

Supporting Leadership

Roderick Jones

Executive Chairman

Mike LeFever

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Baker


Justin Clark

Director of Growth

Monica Small

Director of Marketing and Strategic Growth

An Eclipse® subscription gives you access to the full depth and breadth of our cyber expertise and provides one point of contact for acquiring the necessary tools to protect your identity, devices, accounts, and network connections.

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