Cast a long shadow over digital threats

Proudly introducing Eclipse™: Your solution to increased personal privacy and security.

Eclipse by Concentric™ is designed to be a turnkey solution for individuals, families, and teams to mitigate digital risks.

Leveled subscription tiers, complemented by a menu of  à la carte services, provide holistic defense-in-depth cybersecurity and digital privacy across consumer identities, devices, accounts, and network connections.

Consumer fraud reports in 2020 with reported losses of $3.3B (up 83% from 2019) Source
US adults reported a hack of their social media or email account. Source
Increase in ransomware from 2019 to 2020 with a total payout of $350M Source
Over $54M in losses reported in 2020 due to phishing/vishing/smishing/pharming. Source

Our Solutions

Partial Eclipse

  • Anonymity Engine (Bi-Weekly)
  • Credit and Identity Protection
  • Email Breach Monitoring
  • Sex Offender Monitoring & Alerting
  • $1M Identity Theft Insurance Policy
  • Identity Restoration Butler

Annular Eclipse

  • All features of Partial Eclipse
  • Premiere Anonymity Engine (Weekly)
  • Keeper Unlimited Password Manager
  • Keeper BreachWatch & Secure File Storage
  • Malwarebytes Premium
  • Mullvad VPN

Total Eclipse

  • All features of Partial and Annular Eclipse
  • Concierge Anonymity Engine (Daily)
  •  iVerify for Mobile Devices
  • Imposter Account Removal
  • Compromised Account Restoration
  • Concierge Support

À la Carte

Ransomware Preparedness
Tabletop Exercises
Penetration Testing
Social Engineering Assessments
Secure Mobile SIM Service

Our Partners

Mullvad VPN
Keeper Security