What is a Sample Report used for?

The sample report is intended to assess the level of exposure (how much of their PII is floating around on the web) and risk level (how much of it is high severity PII such as physical addresses and SSNs versus lower risk things like vehicle VIN numbers). In this case, since the Viniks are being actively targeted, we already understand the risk level to be high. Our PII sweeps indicate the level of exposure is also high, which is almost certainly a contributing factor as to why/how they are being targeted.

The sample report data is compiled using sweeps of the surface web, mainly data brokerages such as MyLife, Whitepages, Radaris, etc. For surface web sites such as these (those that claim to be legal businesses) we are able to remove these profiles on our clients’ behalf. The first few weeks of our client journey is what we call the ‘initial deletion period’ where we scrub these profiles across all 300+ such sites. After this is done we provide our clients with an initial deletion report containing summary metrics of how many profiles were found and removed.

Do you keep track of databrokers and do they change?

Yes, we keep track of all the new data brokers, as well as spin-offs and subsidiaries of the larger companies as many of them come and go.

Is the deletion percentile always 100%?

Yes. Snail mail opt outs are not as fast or instantaneous but the deletion percentage is accurate.

How long does it typically take to take the information down?

The Initial Deletion Period when most of the profiles are removed takes 4 weeks. For individual databrokers 2-3 days.

Do you have a rate of return on what is taken down? We’re assuming it cannot all be removed.

For databrokers we have access to, the rate of return is 100%. There are some that require manual removal, i.e. postage which may take a week or more. There is a completion percentage on every Monthly Report to indicate the success rate for that month.

What is the timeframe for profile repopulation?

3-4 Months