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Secure Mobile SIM Service


Powered by Efani

8 in 10 attacks on mobile numbers are successful.

Don’t become a statistic

Guaranteed Protection from SIM Swaps,
Eavesdropping and Location Tracking



  • Secure telecommunications service 
  • Unlimited talk, text and data in the US, Canada and Mexico
    • International data roaming if phone is eSIM compatible
  • 5G Ultra-Wideband performance with Wi-Fi calling and hotspot included
  • Guaranteed protection against SIM swap attacks
    • 11-layer military-grade client layer protection
    • Mandatory 14-day cool off period before SIM swapping
    • Backup SIM included in the event of phone theft, loss, or damage
    • $5M insurance policy underwritten by Lloyd’s of London
      • In the unlikely event of a hacker taking over your phone while on our plan. We provide a second layer of protection: cybersecurity insurance worth $5 million. This means covered if money is stolen from your online accounts as a result of SIM-hacking
  • Encrypts personal information related to mobile phone service
  • 24/7/365 support (we want customers to contact Efani directly for support related to this service, wherever we mention Efani we should include their direct line and support info)


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